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Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

We provide the highest level of bookkeeping expertise using best practices and current bookkeeping programs and technology. Our accounting and bookkeeping services make your life easier. We will work with your business to provide custom solutions for your accounting and bookkeeping needs. Together, we determine what services your company needs on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

Monthly Accounting Reporting

We offer simplified monthly reports and statements to provide a quick and accurate picture of your business activity.

  • Monthly Income Statements - Presents your monthly breakdown of sales, cost of sales and expenses.
  • Balance Sheet - Summarize your total business assets, liabilities and net worth at a given point in time so you can make decisions about capital expenditures or how to improve profits.
  • Bank Reconciliation - Careful comparison and proof of your bank account statement with your checkbook balance each month to ensure you are working with the correct total.
  • General Ledger Report - A record of the dates, check numbers, payees and amounts of all expenses within each of your business accounts. Whether you prepare your records by hand, or using one of the computerized accounting systems, this report will provide you with the assurance that your reports have been properly prepared.

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Payroll Services

Leave those Payroll Worries Behind!! Our Payroll service offers you a way to simplify the payroll process and has helped save a lot of money and time for our clients allowing them to run their business smoother. When you partner with us for your payroll needs, you can get back to doing what you enjoy best—running your business. Outsourcing this function is cost effective,time-saving and stress reducing! With our team on the job, there’s no need for a specialized employee dedicated to this task and no maintaining your own payroll system. Payroll laws are changing rapidly—staying compliant can be a challenge. But that’s not a problem for us. We stay abreast of all the statues that affect your business. When you partner with us for your payroll needs, you will receive:

  • Timely payments of your tax liabilities directly from your bank account.
  • File and reconcile all payroll-related taxes
  • The option of offering direct deposit to your employees
  • Set up and manage payment of all employee payroll deductions
  • Process all year-end W-2 and 1099 forms
  • Manage quarterly filings and quarterly reports

Sales Tax Preparation

Colorado has one of the most complex sales tax systems in the country, with separate tax rates and items in each city and county. Let our staff take these worries off your hands,


Catch Up and Clean Up

We understand that with everything you have going on with your business, the accounting side of things can tend to get lost in the shuffle! Data entry is time consuming. Accounting software can be confusing - often times resulting in double entries and balances that are upside down. Even if your current accounting system is a shoe box full of receipts - don't fret, we have seen it all! One of our passions is helping small businesses clean up their accounting and bookkeeping systems and keeping them caught up. Our primary goal is to determine the most cost-effective approach, and get you reunited with your business goals while we take care of the numbers!


Quickbooks Training and Support

We understand how the ins and outs of QuickBooks might become overwhelming….it takes time and a concerted effort to master these programs. But don’t fret! You can engage Curtis & Co., LLC as your personal QuickBooks mentor. Our training is customized for how you can work to improve efficiency. Training can be done in my office or yours!

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